the guys can make it through Six Masters to make the MEO Lan. But I need to be on the sideline and would prefer to see them succeed than to be a reason as to why we weren't there. Thanks for the good times @OTG_Esports @superwogjr @Thumbnail_r6 @Ryann_NZ @Unitdoggy 2/2 OTG_Esports photo

Tonight our #R6 boys took on @SleeperGG in week 1 of the @LPL_Play Challenger League where we unfortunately fell 7-5. We look to come back stronger next week. GGWP!

๐Ÿ†š @SleeperGG
โŒ 7-5

@LPL_Play | #OTGWIN | @Rainbow6ANZ

Turns out the qualifying process changed for the @Rainbow6ANZ #SixMasters online stage. So @OTG_Esports is now qualified after taking first place in cup #1 ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ #otgwin

After celebrating that amazing week 1 win we are thrilled to announce that @Unitdoggy has come into our #RainbowSixSiege roster to replace Rock.

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@ESLAustralia | #OTGWIN | @Rainbow6ANZ